About Me

Hello garden enthusiasts, and welcome to the Humble Hemeroholic Podcast.

Welcome to a fun interview-style conversation, reminiscent of fireside chats, to highlight the many people that I have met in my daylily journey, as well as new friends I hope to meet in the future. We will have lighthearted conversations, hit hard topics, and hopefully learn together along the way.

Your host will be Rhonda Veroeven the current president of the Wisconsin Daylily Society, Co-Chair for the 2019 American Daylily Society’s National Convention in Madison Wisconsin, Editor for the Wisconsin Daylily Society’s Newsletter, Future American Daylily Society’s Conventions chair, and I am a member on numerous daylily committees.

As an admitted “hemeroholic,” I humbly welcome you to sit back and enjoy the conversations from some of the people that have inspired me and those that I might be meeting for the first time. I believe that the more you know, the more you’ll grow…and as always, choose to be humble and always kind!