Karol Emmerich

Hello, Hemerohollics! I know it has been a while since the last episode, but know I have many amazing episodes ready to be edited and shared. I had to take a short hiatus as I have been working on an ADS publication-so with that manuscript completed, hopefully, there will not be any more long stretches between episodes. In this episode, I had the great privilege to sit down with Karol Emmerich from Springwood Gardens in Jordan, MN. This award-winning hybridizer has not only been awarded the coveted Stout Silver Medal but has also earned the very high honor of the Bertrand Farr Silver Medal for all of her incredible accomplishments in hybridizing. She has been hybridizing for many years, and her amazing cultivars stand out in gardens throughout a wide geographic area. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation as much as I enjoyed sitting down and having a conversation with this trailblazer.

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